Two Phone Lines? Thankfully Gone Thanks To Digital Transmission

Other Tech | Posted by Aaron November 17th, 2014

dtThanks to advances in digital-transmission technology, the need to maintain two separate phone lines–one for voice and one for data–is quickly fading. Read the rest of this entry »

Gupta Clung To Life As Long As They Could.

Other Tech | Posted by Aaron November 8th, 2014

oracleIt’s been a tough year for Gupta. But it’s still the leading independent client/server tools company. And it’s determined to muscle its problems out of the way.

Umang Gupta will be spending this week in Palm Springs, Calif. But it’s no vacation. The founder and chairman of Gupta Corp. will take the podium at the company’s annual developer conference to convince Gupta’s throng of loyal but increasingly skeptical customers not to abandon him in the desert. Read the rest of this entry »

What Are The Best Hard Drive Failure Recovery Processes?

Hardware | Posted by Aaron November 6th, 2014

Encountering problems with your hard drive is inevitable and they can happen when you least expect it. This is why you always need to be prepared even when you are not technically adept. Every file is stored in your hard drive and this is why it can be very frustrating to find out that your hard drive just crashed. However, hard drive failure does not necessarily mean that you could no longer recover files because there are still some simple techniques you can employ so you can successfully retrieve files. As they say prevention is always better than cure. Before following hard drive recovery steps, you need first to identify the signs of failure.

You should take a look at the physical appearance of your hard drive. It is also important to pay attention to any clicking noise it makes. You will save yourself from undergoing complicated data recovery process if you pay more attention to simple details that might have contributed to the failure. Do not immediately troubleshoot the issue if you are not really sure what steps to take. Keep in mind that drive failure recovery may not be a walk in the park especially for those who do not really have sufficient knowledge in computer troubleshooting. Consider these tips first.

Remedy To PowerEdge-Specific Logical Disk Failure

A PowerEdge logical disk failure is no new term in the server world. Many computers encounter the problem and it can be fixed. You don’t have to trash your system because of such an error. A key symptom of PowerEdge logical disk failure can be switching off the system and then not coming up to a live mode. In this case, the user will encounter that both the drives are offline by pressing a combination of keys such as Control+ M. Let us peek-a-boo in the remedy section of the bug. Firstly, the user must go to the physical disk menu and fetch the disk information. Now look up for the media and other errors. You have to repeat the same process for each disk that has been corrupted. If your system displays a list of errors, it’s a positive thing. You can take the errors online to rectify them. Each error displayed by the system has to be one at a time. If you have two failed disks then take them online one after another and check if you can fix those errors. If it works then make a backup instantly and try and rebuilt the disk again, if it still doesn’t work then you will have to replace the disk.

Hard Drive Data Recovery From A Drive That Hangs

If your hard drive is out of order but not completely dead, is detected by your computer but hangs from time to time, the chances are that its magnetic media has been damaged. This problem typically occurs when the hard drive wears out with time and excessive use. The hard drive data recovery in this case needs to be performed by a professional hard drive data recovery company. The hanging up of the drive indicates that your computer is trying to read the data but since there are many bad sectors created on the drive, the computer fails to do so and ultimately, it hangs.

Although, you may make an attempt to fix the problem yourself by using a software imager and repairing bad areas or you can rely on DD_rescue (a free application by Linux which skips bad areas) but that is not recommended because you may aggravate it further and make hard drive data recovery more difficult even for a professional. The best thing you can do in such circumstances is to stop using the hard drive altogether and call a professional hard drive data recovery company that can assess hard drive failure symptoms, and they will likely be able to fix the drive with the use of an imager.

Disney’s Collaboration’s With Video Games Never Worked… Still Do Not

Software | Posted by Aaron October 30th, 2014

vgnwDisney. The name rolls off the tongue like soft sweet chocolate. Certainly the Walt Disney Co. is America’s best-loved brand, strong enough to stretch the franchise into everything from a cruise line to a baseball team. Yet the Magic Kingdom has extended its borders very effectively to computers. Sure, Disney has produced dozens of software tides, but the quality of most was closer to the movie studio’s somnambulistic “One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing” than the sonorous “Sleeping Beauty.” Read the rest of this entry »

CN’s Case Study: IT Meets Old Transport

Other Tech | Posted by Aaron October 20th, 2014

cncsWhen he took over the top IT job at Canadian National Railroad four years ago, Ronan McGrath was like a man in a darkened tunnel with not one but two trains bearing down on him. On one hand, it was clear that the financially struggling $4.7 billion (Canadian) company needed an urgent systems overhaul, which McGrath figured would cost $250 million (Canadian) and take five years. CN had neither. On the other hand, even if CN had the time and cash, McGrath knew his 700-person IT staff was not up to rewriting the 6 million lines of legacy code in the core operating systems and migrating the railroad to new systems and business processes. Read the rest of this entry »